Idris Mosque Northgate




The Islamic Center of Washington (ICW) is an independent non profit business organization licensed within the State of Washington and authorized by the Idriss Mosque Board of Trustees for the management and supervision, of Idriss Mosque properties, programs and operations.


Advisory Committee:

1. The Educational Advisory Committee is a sub committee operating with and on behalf of The Islamic Center of Washington (ICW) Educational Programs Office to provide quality educational opportunities benefiting children, youth and families. The Education Advisory Committee develops all program operational guidelines for the Mosque educational policy.

2. The Advisory Committee coordinates and facilitates community meetings as needed for gathering input and sharing designs and processes for ICW educational programs. The Advisory Committee is responsible for establishing the education budget and approving future educational budget changes or modifications. The Advisory Committee is responsible for the screening, interviewing and selection of competent educational program staffs and making employment recommendations to the ICW. The ICW is responsible for employment offers and hiring of staff for all Idriss Mosque educational programs.

3. The Advisory Committee oversees and collaborates with the educational program administrator for monitoring, quarterly observations and program reviews and ensuring all program activities and services offered are aligned with ICW mission and goals.


ICW Education Mission:

We resolve to ensure educational opportunities are provided Muslims and non Muslims for gaining knowledge and understanding and to enhance personal and societal success. We resolve to establish positive relationships with our diverse Islamic families, local businesses and community members through extending friendship, creating partnerships and collaborating to ensure benefits and success for all.”


ICW Education Program Goals:

    1. Establish self esteem and academic enrichment programs

    2. Establish, participate in, sponsor and hold annual public events; i.e., cultural expositions, empowering families seminar, etc.

    3. Maintain and update Islamic literature and multimedia materials in public places; i.e. hospitals, libraries, schools, etc.

    4. Participate in political and community public forums

    5. Establish emergency assistance programs for individuals and families

    6. Distribute charity to do good works

    7. Partner with Islamic and non Islamic organizations for strengthening bonds and creating dialogue enhancing public awareness about Islam


Program Goals/Objectives:

Goal 1

Provide opportunities to enhance student emotional intelligence skills

    Objective: Students will become aware of how their behavior impacts themselves and others

Goal 2

Provide relevant activities to remediate and enhance student Islamic and academic knowledge

    Objective: Students will demonstrate academic competencies in Islam, Arabic; i.e., speaking, reading, writing, etiquette, social competency and relationship skills and academic skills in mathematics, reading, language arts; i.e. English, writing, speaking, etc.

Goal 3

Organize, coordinate, present learning expositions

    Objective: Provide opportunity for public participation in activities and events demonstrating and sharing the values and benefits of diverse societies


Goals and objectives are designed to achieve the following key benefits:

    1. Individual, personal and academic success

    2. Increase personal knowledge, skills, abilities, future and success

    3. Provide opportunities for peoples from different experiences and backgrounds to learn, interact and get to know each other